Premio Ospitalità Italiana - Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo - VIII Edition

Ospitalità Italiana

Rules and regulations


Art. 1. - Organization

IS.NA.R.T. - ScpA , Rome headquarters: Corso d'Italia, 92 - P. Iva and Cod. Fisc. 04416711002

Art. 2. - Name of the prize competition

"Premio Ospitalità Italiana - Ristoranti Italiani Nel Mondo"

Art. 3. - Type of prize competition

Prize contest for the Customers of "Ospitalità Italiana - Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo" certified restaurants.

Art. 4. - Competition Entry Dates

From October 1st2013 to February 28th 2014

Art. 5. - Area covered by the promotion

The Countries whose local Chambers of Commerce take part in the Competition

Art. 6. - Eligible participants

The Customers of "Ospitalità Italiana - Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo" certified restaurants

Art. 7. - Voting

The Customers of the restaurants competing for the award will be informed about their opportunity to vote using information cards. These information cards will be personalized for each restaurant and will clearly and plainly show the voting code as well as the voting method.

The mark shall be a whole number (no decimal point), in a 1 to 10 rating scale, where 1 is the minimum and 10 the maximum; the mark expresses the overall level of satisfaction experienced by the customers at the end of their stay in the competing restaurant.

Customers shall send their vote to the Organizer via Internet, following the instructions published on the websites and

Art. 8. - Eligibility for Selection

The voting period goes from October 1st 2013 to February 28th 2014; as this is an international contest, only the votes submitted within February 28th 2013 at 11.59 p.m. (GMT+1) will be eligible.

When voting, the sender's phone number must be displayed otherwise the vote shall not be considered valid. Customers shall insert their phone number/e-mail address on the form. The same facility cannot be voted twice by the same phone number/e-mail address. The same phone number/e-mail address can vote up to a maximum of 10 (ten) facilities goes from October 1st 2013 to February 28th 2014.

At the end of the competition period, - as provided for by article 11 - telephone number s/e-mail addresses will be drawn at random from amongst the voters, and the holder of that number/e-mail address will win the prize.

Art. 9. - Prizes

5 vouchers for lodging in Italy for two people. Travel expenses excluded (plane/rail/maritime tickets, taxi, fuel refund, car rental with or without driver)

The prizes listed above are not exchangeable either for cash or gold tokens or other.

The prize is strictly personal and can not be transferred to third parties.

Art. 10. - Prize draw

The prize draw will take place within June 1st 2014.

Art. 11. - Method of prize draw

The prize winners will be drawn at random from all the valid votes as provided for by art. 8. Five phone numbers/e-mail addresses will be drawn (one for each area), plus 1 reserve number for each area, with a total of 10 phone numbers/e-mail addresses. If one or more winners should decline his/their prize, or if the phone number provided should be wrong, the prize will be awarded to the first reserve number of the list and so on.

Art. 12. - Method of communication to winners

The winners will be advised by SMS/e-mail.

Art. 13. - Prizes delivery dates

The prizes will be delivered within at most 180 days (6 months) starting from the date of assignment, as provided for by art. 1 paragraph 3 of D.P.R. 430 of 26 October 2001.

Art. 14. - Voucher use period

The vouchers must be used from October 1 2014 to September 30 2015, excluding long weekends, public holidays and August 2015.

Art. 15. - Prizes delivery method

The Organizer reserves the right to choose the prizes delivery method. Shipping charges will be paid by the Organizer

Art. 16. - Responsibility

With regard to the above mentioned prizes, the Organizer specifies the following:

  • The Organizer assumes no responsibility deriving from the improper use on the part of the winner of the aforementioned prizes or use of prizes by inappropriate persons due to age or physical or mental condition;
  • The Organizer assumes no responsibility deriving from problems arisen during the holiday. In such case the guarantees of the hotelier/restaurateur/tourist farm manager with relative limitations and extensions will apply to individual prizes.

Art. 17. - Method and regulation of participation in current prize draw

The participation in the current prize draw implies full and unconditional acceptance of regulations and attendant clauses on the part of the participant, without limitation. The participation in this prize draw is free, except for the expenses due to the voting method, as provided for by art. 7.

Art. 18. - Revoke of agreement or modification to implementation

The Organizer reserves the right to revoke or modify the method of implementation of the current prize draw for just cause, according to art. 1990 of the civil code, by giving advance warning to the participants in the same form or an equivalent form as the agreement.

Art.19. - Publicity methods used for current prize draw and regulations

The Regulations shall be displayed on the websites and

The competition is made public through the websites and, dedicated advertising pages and through the advertising material and information in and/or distributed by the competing facilities.

Art. 20. - Treatment of personal data

The participants of the current promotion give consent for the use of their personal data supplied to the Organizer with relation to their participation in the prize competition under D.L. 196 of June 30 2003. The participants can exercise their rights under art. 7 of the above mentioned law.

Art. 21. - Disputes

Any dispute pertaining to the current regulations and the prize draw shall be under the jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.


Rome, Julj 11, 2013

Director general

Giovanni Antonio Cocco

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