Premio Ospitalità Italiana - Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo - VIII Edition

Ospitalità Italiana

Who can vote and how to vote

All those who have eaten in the restaurants that are displaying the seal of quality "Ospitalità Italiana" are eligible to vote.

Each establishment can be awarded a rating 1 (minimum) to 10 (maximum), according to the level of satisfaction experienced in the establishment

The voting format is as follows:

Via internet

By filling in the voting form on


  • Votes will be consideredvalid only if submitted from 1st October 2013 to 28th February 2014, being the competition of international importance will be considered useful votes received before 23:59 (GMT +1 DST) of 28th February 2014.
  • Customers shall insert their telephone number on the form. The same structure cannot be voted twice by the same phone number. The same phone number can vote up to a maximum of 10 (ten) structures during the entire duration of the competition.